Sonia Fernández-Veledo

Scientific Expert on Metabolism and Succinate Signalling

As the Principal investigator of the "Diabetes and Metabolic Associated Diseases Research Group, DIAMET”(, during the last years Dr Fernández-Veledo has positioned herself as a key opinion leader on succinate signaling. She is co-inventor on three patents, two of them directly related to succinate (WO2021001303 and WO2019141780) and corresponding author of many high-impact articles. She has led eight research projects and three innovation and technology transfer projects. She has also participated in two excellence networks as PI (CIBERDEM, Adipoplast) and in six competitive grants (one international) as a collaborator. She is also associate professor from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and has been granted with the Lilly Foundation-Lorenzo Award from SEBBM (2011); Basic Science Award from the International Diabetes and Obesity Forum (2010); and General Council of Pharmaceutical Associations of Spain Award from Royal Academy of Pharmacy (2009).